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- You will receive exclusive shopping vouchers and discounts on our selected items
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About Value Card

It is the company card, available free-of-charge, with which you can access all of the sales initiatives of Centro Calzaturiero, obtain points valid for receiving shopping vouchers, proportionately to purchases made, and receive discounts on certain products. The purpose of Value Card is to reward customers that subscribe and regularly purchase from Centro Calzaturiero by offering information on sales initiatives designed specifically for them.

How to get it

Simply sign the registration form at one of Centro Calzaturiero's stores, give your personal data and fill out a brief questionnaire (optional), authorising the processing of your data for purposes relating to the issuing of Value Card.

Value Card ownership

The owner of Value Card is the store where you subscribed and collected it. The collection of points may take place at any \"Centro Calzaturiero\" store, whereas shopping vouchers may only be used at the store that issued your Value Card.

How it works – issuing points

For each €10.00 you spend, you will receive an electronic point. The receipt will always feature the total points obtained and the accrued points up to the date of the receipt if the purchase is made at the store that issued your Value Card.

Example table

Receipt for amount lower than € 10 = 0 points granted
Receipt for amount lower than € 19,99 = 1 point granted
Receipt for amount lower than € 42,50 = 4 points granted

The total number of points obtained will entitle you to a shopping voucher according to the following table:

25 points € 20,00 voucher
50 points € 45,00 voucher
75 points € 75,00 voucher
100 points € 120,00 voucher

…and so on, starting from the beginning (125 points = €120.00 + €25 voucher)

How it works - issuing shopping vouchers

  • Multiple purchases for total charge less than 250,00 €: upon reaching the first step of 25 points an e-discount for 20,00 € will be created.

  • Single purchases for total charge more than 250,00 €: an e-discount equal to obtained points will be created (as in the previous table)


  • the points in excess of those used for issuing the cost voucher will not be lost but will remain active in your statement and will be added to the points obtained with future purchases.

  • the issuing of the cost voucher will be notified by text message to the subscriber of the value card holder, if the latter has announced his mobile phone for service communications. In the absence of a mobile number, on the first purchase after the issue of the voucher, the cash display will highlight the availability of the shopping voucher and the cash operator will inform the customer.

  • the expense voucher will always be issued within 24 hours of reaching the expected points threshold. It will therefore not be possible to use the cost voucher together with the right to issue it.

  • there is no obligation to use it on the first purchase following its issue. The customer can decide not to use it and to keep it for a further future purchase adding it to any additional expense vouchers.

  • it is not necessary to show the message of the expense voucher received, but it is mandatory to have the \"Carta Valore\" card for reading the \"barcode\" associated with it.

Special conditions

The shopping vouchers obtained can be used on all products for sale, whether they are in the sale, full price or on special offer, all year round. The offers and discounts granted by Value Card can never be cumulated with offers and discounts already present at the store and available indiscriminately to all customers. If the chosen product is already on special offer but with a smaller discount than in the special offer available with Value Card, the highest discount will be granted. On special offer days dedicated to Value Card holders and during end-of-season sales, the issue of points for any purchases made is suspended. The shopping vouchers must be used within twelve (12) months from their receipt. If they are not used, they will no longer be valid and the computer system will automatically delete them. If after 12 (twelve) months, during which the statement of account related to the Value Card does not record at least one purchase from the subscriber or whoever is entitled to use it, Value Card will be automatically suspended and any points connected to it will be deleted. Value Card is valid for twelve months and is automatically renewed every year unless otherwise notified by Centro Calzaturiero. Conventionally, expiry date is established on 31/12 every year. New cards (first emission) created along the year will expire on 31/12 of the same year. If it is not renewed, the points accrued will not be lost but they will be available for 12 months. You may not subscribe to Value Card on special offer days reserved for subscribers.


The only applicable Value Card regulations that will always be valid are those published and available on the company website (also available in printable PDF version). Centro Calzaturiero will be in charge of updating its contents, if changes are made, and of ensuring their prompt publication on the company website. All communications concerning the initiatives, special offers and warnings for subscribers of Value Card, or any communication of the end of the initiative called Value Card is to be notified via text message or e-mail. Please note that, in order to respect the privacy of Value Card subscribers, there is no obligation to disclose such sensitive information (mobile phone and/or e-mail), and this does not preclude the functioning of Value Card in relation to the collection of points and/or use of the services: the subscriber is free to choose, and accepts the fact that, as of now and without reservation, the lack of such data in the corporate database will not allow proper communication on Centro Calzaturiero's part. In this last case, the subscriber of Value Card will have to make sure to be up-to-date on any current initiatives or changes made to regulations by periodically browsing the company website
Subscribers of Value Card, on the website, in the special \"restricted area\" section with a simple activation process, may consult their statement of account, points accumulated, shopping vouchers and/or make changes to their personal data.

Rights and duties

Value Card may be used only by family members of the subscriber (spouse/partner/children) and may not be transferred to third parties. The subscriber undertakes to promptly inform in writing the store that issued the Value Card of any loss, theft or change of residence. Centro Calzaturiero declines any liability for the improper use of Value Card due to loss and/or theft, and reserves the right to cancel the card and points accumulated and/or to issue a new one. The subscriber is entitled to request cancellation, at any time, by sending a simple notice in writing and to return Value Card to the store that issued it. To be able to access the point collection programme, the subscriber or those eligible must submit the Value Card to the checkout of the store at the time of purchase. It will not be possible, and the staff is not authorised, to credit the points for purchase at a later time or without submitting the loyalty card.

Privacy - Information on the \"Carta Valore\" initiative

concerning the processing of personal data by you (hereinafter & quot; interested parties & quot;) voluntarily released at the time of the request of our fidelity card; called \"Value Card\"

1. Securities & leverage; : (i) Data controller & egrave; Centro Calzaturiero s.r.l., in the person of its legal representative pro-tempore, based in Viale Industria 122 & ndash; 27025 Gambol & ograve; (PV) that will be able to; be contacted at the address or at the e-mail address (ii) Co-Owner of the processing & egrave; the point of sale, holder of \"Carta Valore\", where you have collected and signed the relevant card. The Data Controller and the Data Controller (hereinafter the Joint Data Controllers) have signed an agreement with which they regulate the methods; sharing decisions regarding the finalities & agrave; and / or modality the processing of data contained therein, the essential content of which they undertake to be available to the interested party.

2. Finalit & agrave; : (i) ( Service Delivery Final ) for purposes; execution of the contractual and / or bonuses to the achievement of the points associated with the \"Carta Valore\"; (ii) ( contact management purposes ) in order to be able to respond to the request of the interested parties and / or to the request of the interested parties \"; inside the reserved area of ​​the site; (iii) ( Endorsement of direct marketing of the Joint Data Controllers ) subject to the specific consent of the interested parties, to pursue finality & agrave; marketing communication, market research, surveys, statistical elaborations (in identifying forms), other marketing research in a broad sense of products and / or services related to the co-controllers of the treatment mail or phone call by an automated or automated communication tools such as email, chat, SMS, MMS, video call, automatic call, instant message, chatbot and other remote communication tools; iv) () A to the legitimate marketing interests of the joint holders ) to perform activities; of segmentation of the interested parties, who have expressed their specific consent to receive communications for final purposes; non-invasive categories of membership: a) geographic area and b) type of product purchased; (v) ( Finality of regulatory obligations ) for the fulfillment of the obligations under the laws, regulations and community legislation, as well as for compliance with the law; by instructions given by the competent Authority; Guarantor on privacy; (vi) ( Finalit & agrave; protection of rights ) for the ascertainment and defense of the rights of the joint holders in the claim and / or out-of-court resolution and / or judicial proceedings; for a legitimate interest of co-owners or for the protection of their rights. There is no automatic decision-making process therein.

3. Contribution : The provision of data for the finalities; identified in the previous point 2 lett. (i) - (ii) does not require consent to processing and it is; mandatory and essential for the execution of the related services, nonch & eacute; for the related legal obligations including the finalities & agrave; consequent sub. 2. (v) - (vi). It is impossible to do so; with the requested services (see: failure to issue the value card and / or the impossibility of responding to the requests of the interested party). The provision of data for the finalit & agrave; identified in point 2 lett. (iii) & egrave; option and does not affect the contractual services (lack of direct marketing activity that does not prejudice the possibility of obtaining the release of the value card; finally, the processing of the data referred to in point 2 lett (iv) does not require that it is based on the legitimate interest of the co-owners, adequately balanced with the interests of the interested party be able to; to oppose with the consequent cessation of said treatment by the joint holders.

4. Object : the treatment will not have; for object inform actions that include & ldquo; particular categories of data & rdquo; as defined in articles 9 and 10 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (with the possible exception of the data referred to in point 2 letter vi) and n & eacute; information relating to minors as identified in accordance with the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree No. 196/03 and subsequent amendments). In particular, the data object of the Treatment will be constituted by the necessary identification and contact data of the interested subject (name / surname / company name / email / telephone / city & agrave; / province / number of persons); purchase date, list of items purchased; balance points loyalty & agrave; acquired over a specific period; card number associated with the interested parties.

5. Communication: The data will be processed exclusively by the employees of the company departments responsible for pursuing the finalities; above mentioned, which have been expressly authorized for processing and have received adequate operating instructions. The data may be communicated to subjects operating in quality & agrave; of data controllers, such as, for example, banking institutions for payment services and any legitimate public subject, such as the authority; judicial and / or public security. The data may also be processed, on behalf of the owner, by persons appointed as data processors, such as, for example, company & agrave; providing IT services and companies & agrave; which provide postal services or other suppliers and / or private consultants who provide ancillary services to the execution of the relationship with the interested parties. The data in any case will not be disseminated.

6. Conservation and Transfer : the data referred to in the finalities & agrave; according to points 2. lett. (i) and (ii) will be retained for the duration of the loyalty program nonch & eacute; following his termination - limited to the finalit & agrave; referred to in point 2. lett. (i) - for ten years for tax, civil law and anti-money laundering purposes, except for different and specific terms of conservation required by law or by sector regulations; the data processed for the purposes of the finalities; referred to in points 2. lett. (iii) - (iv) will be kept for the duration of validity; of the Value Card or until the prior consent of the interested party is withdrawn; as far as the data relating to the purchase details of the interested parties are concerned, they will be kept for a maximum period of 24 months from registration (and for the legitimate interest of the Owner to propose new services and / or products) for the same finalit & agrave; in a reasonable amount of time) and, subsequently, will be destroyed or made anonymous; finally, the data processed for finalities; referred to in points 2. lett. (vi) will be respectively (see letter v) kept for the terms provided for by the regulations in force or (see letter vi) for the duration of the dispute and, in the case of judicial litigation, for the entire duration of the same up to the exhaustion of the terms of exigibility & agrave; of appeals.

Under no circumstances will the Joint Data Controllers transfer your personal data to third countries. However, we reserve the right to do so; to use services in the cloud; in which case, any service providers in third countries will be selected from those who provide adequate guarantees, as well as; as foreseen by the art. 46 GDPR 679/16.

7. Rights : Interested parties may at any time exercise their rights to gain access to their personal data, correction of inaccurate personal data or deletion or limitation thereof, request to receive, or transmit to another holder , their data in a structured format, in common use and readable by automatic device, being able in any case always to oppose the processing of their data, in particular, for finality purposes; of marketing. You can exercise your rights by writing to the Data Controller via e-mail at the address The interested party has the right to lodge a complaint with the competent Authority; of control.